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Chicago St. Patrick's Day River

St. Patrick’s Day 2015

By Elicia Sacharow Because everyone’s a little bit Irish in March! As February winds its way down, it’s time to finalize your travel plans for March! St. Patrick’s Day brings out the joy in us after the long, cold winter. There are loads of parades, activities, and of course travel[…]

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Boutique Hotels Worldwide

Launching Worldwide

By Elicia Sacharow goes truly global! It’s been so hard to keep quiet about the amazing things going on behind the scenes here at–namely, our global inventory project. What that means for you is you’ll have access to a handpicked selection of boutique hotels worldwide. That’s right: we’re opening[…]

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Paris in winter

Why Paris Is Always a Good Idea

By Elicia Sacharow Even now, Paris is a fantastic idea. Certainly the events of the past month have shaken the world, but the French press on and so should we. What better way to show support than to visit? No, really–it’s a splendid idea. January and February are ripe with deals for[…]

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2015 South Beach Wine and Food Festival

By Elicia Sacharow Four days of pure culinary bliss in South Beach Is your mouth watering? Ours certainly are. The most delicious single weekend of the year in Miami is fast approaching and our schedule’s been planned. Take a look at our ideal schedule below…we’ve done the work for you, so[…]

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Das Stue Berlin

Give the Gift of Boutique Design

By Elicia Sacharow One of the things we love most about boutique hotels is their inspired design. Whether the hotel is trendy or classically gorgeous, we love how the design permeates every aspect of the hotel. Obviously the best way to enjoy boutique design is to visit your favorite boutique hotel,[…]

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The Worst Travel Advice We’ve Ever Heard

By Elicia Sacharow Everyone’s got opinion–especially us! But as travelers seeking to inspire other curious-minded travelers, we feel like we should address “advice” that was well-intentioned in theory…but not so great in practice. Bring traveler’s checks. We’re total fans of the Old School…but not on this point. Traveler’s checks have[…]

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