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Cocktails at Le Bar Paris

6 Hotel Bars to Warm You Up This Winter

By Elicia Sacharow

We think winter demands a special kind of warmth that only a well-crafted cocktail can bring. We’ve picked our favorite cozy bar from each of our first five cities along with a must-try cocktail. Cheers!

Times Bar at Savoy Berlin

Times Bar at Savoy Berlin

The Savoy Berlin is already one of those hotels that lives and breathes in a different era altogether removed from our own…and the Times Bar magnifies that by a lot more than you might expect. Not only are you permitted to smoke, but we think you might even be remiss to not partake in a cigar from the esteemed Cuban establishment “Casa del Habano” that just so happens to be in-house. Sink into a luscious leather chair, order an SOS (if you’re feeling like an involved cocktail) or simply a mojito with Havana Club rum, and watch Berlin through the window.

 Grape & Vine NYC at The Jade Hotel

Grape & Vine at The Jade Hotel NYC

The Jade Hotel transports its guests back to the Art Deco era in New York; in-house restaurant and bar Grape & Vine fits seamlessly in with the theme as well. The sumptuous red velvet banquettes practically beg for huddling close together, leaning into intimate conversations with close friends or whoever you’re with. To kick the cold out, order up a Corpse Reviver #2 (not for the faint of heart) or a Tequila Cobbler. If you’re feeling peckish, Grape & Vine has a splendid menu for everyone–including vegans.

Peg + Patriot at Town Hall Hotel & Apartments

Peg + Patriot at Town Hall Hotel London

We wish other bars were half as clued into how their spirits are made as the amazing bartenders at Peg + Patriot. Not only is their knowledge of crafting a cocktail superb, but so is their selection of handcrafted spirits made in-house. With a drink menu as inventive as the hotel it’s in, it’s devilishly difficult to select just one cocktail that you simply must try…but since we must choose, we think the Miners Club Cocktail best sums up everything wonderful about this establishment.

Le Bar at L’Hotel

Le Bar at L'Hotel Paris

Dripping with history, we were already saps for this gem of a hotel. After a lovely dinner at Michelin-starred Le Restaurant or simply to wind down after a long day of sightseeing, Le Bar’s opulent alcoves are the perfect getaway to be removed from the hubbub yet still part of a fantastic Parisian night out. Our favorite room at L’Hotel just so happens to be the Oscar Wilde Suite, so it stands to reason that our cocktail of choice from sophisticated Le Bar is the Dorian Gray.

Regent Cocktail Club at Gale South Beach

Regent Cocktail Club at Gale South Beach

Old School is clearly the way to be if it’s done like the Regent Cocktail Club. This is most certainly not the sort of place where you opt for something simple; seeing the bartenders work is a show all its own well worth watching. Regent is wonderful for expanding your cocktail repertoire–in fact, they have a membership for such things–as well as getting back to the basics on how to craft an amazing cocktail. Order up an Aviation and prepare to be wowed from the very first sip.

Bonus! The Martini  Bar at The Raleigh

The Martini Bar at The Raleigh South Beach

Look, wouldn’t we all prefer to be in Miami during the winter? We see your winter blizzard and raise you The Raleigh, a gem of Miami Beach with a stunning pool, beachfront majesty, and a stellar martini bar with only a handful of seats that appeals to hotel guests first. If vodka’s your thing, get The Classic; if you’re more of a gin base, spring for the Blue Moon. Either way, you can’t go wrong!

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