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Rack of Lamb

Food and Hotels

By Elicia Sacharow Hotel restaurants are increasingly becoming destinations in their own right, subsequently driving up both hotel occupancy and hotel image. Given that we’re superfans of boutique hotels (come on, like that was a surprise!) and also huge fans of dining well, this is a trend we’re following very closely.[…]

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Paris in winter

Why Paris Is Always a Good Idea

By Elicia Sacharow Even now, Paris is a fantastic idea. Certainly the events of the past month have shaken the world, but the French press on and so should we. What better way to show support than to visit? No, really–it’s a splendid idea. January and February are ripe with deals for[…]

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Get to know!

by Elicia Sacharow Edition 1: Elicia Hello, everyone! Whether you’re new to visiting (welcome!) or have been following us for a while, isn’t it about time you got to know the team behind the scenes? We’re excited to introduce ourselves and tell you some of our favorite things about[…]

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Fashionable Hotels

By Robert Aps What happens when you put together world’s leading fashion designers and plans to open up new hotels? Fabulousness. These five hotels from our carefully curated collection have been envisioned by top high end design powerhouses such as Bulgari and Diesel. All of them put fashion back into[…]

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Saint Germain

By Elicia Sacharow Neighborhood Focus: Saint-Germain-des-Pres, Paris When you think of Paris, we’re willing to bet that the street scene you imagine is of Saint-Germain. It’s steeped in history and populated by modernity; this is where you’ll find the historic heart of Paris pulsing with contemporary Parisians making a new[…]

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Arts Hotels of Paris Part 2

By Elicia Sacharow Far too influential to be contained in museums or books alone, Paris’s art scene permeates every aspect of life in the beautiful “city of lights”. Just as there are countless mediums for art, so there are innumerable inspirations for boutique hotels in Paris. Here’s part II in[…]

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