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By Elicia Sacharow goes truly global!

It’s been so hard to keep quiet about the amazing things going on behind the scenes here at–namely, our global inventory project. What that means for you is you’ll have access to a handpicked selection of boutique hotels worldwide.

That’s right: we’re opening up our curated lists across the globe! 

Ready to travel?

We’ve spend months going through the world’s top destinations to bring you the ultimate selection of authentic boutique hotels. You may not find a million options for your stay, but we think you’ll enjoy the same level of quality from our new cities as you have from the old. As curators of boutique hotels, we’re all for choice…just not too much. We don’t know about you, but we feel overloaded with selection when we go to other websites, so we’ve worked hard to only show you the real deal for your destination. If you’re searching for a destination but can’t seem to locate it on our website, give us a shout and we’ll let you know when it’s ready (or just go ahead and help you plan your getaway!).

Just because we’ve expanded doesn’t mean we’ve lost our touch. We’re still here for you if you have any questions about the hotel or about travel in general–or even if you want help planning a trip! We may not have all the answers, but we’ll be happy to find ‘em for our intrepid travelers!

More exciting features from

Expanded photo galleries for new destinations

Hotels have opened up their photo albums to us so now you can see more of our beautiful selection direct from the source! We’ve let them put as many pictures as they like to get you acquainted with the property.

Incidentally, we hate when other sites try to force images to fit into a size they weren't meant to be you'll see pictures distortion-free!

Incidentally, we hate when other sites try to force images to fit into a size they weren’t meant to be in…so you’ll see pictures distortion-free!

Search by hotel name

Searching by destination is great–unless you know exactly where you want to stay (good for you!). We’ve implemented a new search that lets you type that hotel’s name in and we’ll pull it right up.

Select hotel by name

Know what hotel you’re looking for? Now you can find it quickly!

Find out what’s nearby

We’re glad to tell you what’s around, but sometimes it really helps to just see a map for yourself. We’ve done you one better by adding in things to do in the area where you’ll be. Get excited to try that French place around the corner or to grab a drink at that bar you’ve been hearing about.

Local Map

Get yourself oriented!



Feeling inspired? We thought so. ;)  Head over to check out the new global collection!

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