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Luxurious London

By Robert Aps

London is a great place for indulging in both the historic and modern delights. We have gathered some of the ultimate luxe boutique hotels in Britain’s capital that max out on the superb poshness, undivided attention, brilliant design or all of these at once. Yes, your expectations will be high after reading this, but odds are that each one of these five intriguing hotels will find more than just one way to exceed them.

Bulgari Hotel & Residences

Bulgari Hotel London

Knightsbridge, a home to some of the most luxurious boutiques and shopping paradises, hosts super-luxe Bulgari Hotel & Residences. Without a doubt, this is your gateway to timeless Italian splendor set apart by Bulgari’s impeccable signature design. Stepping into the hotel and discovering your room is like finding yourself in the daydreams of any aspiring silversmith as the design elegantly blends silver elements into the fine threads of luxury making up the whole experience. The Bulgari Spa defines the meaning of finding tranquility in an urban world. Just try some of the numerous saunas, steam rooms and ice showers or spoil yourself in one of the 11 treatment rooms. Invigoration is inevitable and you will be needing it in the contemporary glamour of The Lounge and Il Bar, where spotting some well-known faces doesn’t need a stroke of luck.


Hazlitt's Hotel London

Once you enter Hazlitt’s, this is the year you will be living in as you breathe in the exquisite luxury of the past coalesced with modern amenities. Creating this kind of a fusion is not an easy task, but the art and design geniuses behind Hazlitt’s have concocted an excellent mix. Surrounded by the lively and diverse neighbourhood of Soho, this boutique getaway will impress you with a private terrace and rooftop garden or a late Victorian bathing machine depending on the room or suite you decide to discover this time. Whatever the choice you make, the stay will be carried by the distinct notion of reliving the grandeur of past ages.

The Halkin by COMO

The Halkin by COMO

Faultless personalized service exceeding your expectations from the first welcome to the last fairwell is just one of the reasons to make your next stay in The Halkin by COMO. The Buckingham Palace will be just around the corner, your room carries the essence of the five elements (water, air, earth, fire and sky) in a subtle manner and the in-house restaurant Ametsa boasts a total of three Michelin-starred chefs. All this splendor has even enough room for the kids, asking for a Playstation 2 complete with the game set will be a pleasure to the front desk.

Haymarket Hotel

Haymarket Hotel London

The West End is brimming with creative power released in various venues around the district, including the famous Her Majesty’s Theatre. The surroundings create a perfect setting for the Haymarket Hotel, a powerhouse of fostering the meeting and mingling of people staying at this luxe space. Common areas consist of a jungle-themed Shooting Gallery, an inviting downstairs bar-restaurant, a glistening 18m swimming pool and that’s just to name a few. Haymarket Hotel is a theatrical gem that you just can’t wait to star in the next season.

The Milestone Hotel

The Milestone Hotel

At The Milestone Hotel, you will find classic British hospitality boosted with an unforgettable attention to individualize your experience. Staff to guest ratio of 2:1 opens up new horizons of boutique hospitality that will leave you stunned and yearning for more. Even Spot and Rover will have a blast as the opulent hotel is proud to have a dedicated pet concierge on duty. Stepping out of the welcoming doors won’t diminish the royal feelings as you will find the Kensington palace accompanied by other aristocratic landmarks not far from the hotel.


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