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New Year’s Eve 2015

By Elicia Sacharow

Where do you want to get away?

It’s cliche, but New Year’s Eve is filled to the brim with the promise of a fresh start and a reason to celebrate—and isn’t that why we love it so much? If you’ve a mind to spend NYE somewhere else, here’s some curated inspiration fresh from the minds of our team!

New York: Nolitan


Times Square is great and all, but we think Nolita is positively grand this time of year. NYC as it is is so full of people–and certainly more so during New Year’s–that we find ourselves wanting to be where the real New Yorkers are. The Nolitan is perfect. The easy, laid-back style feels just as welcoming as home but the high design never lets you forget you’re in NYC (in the best way). This is the kind of hotel where you bring your best friend, furry or not, and toast in the Cantine Parisienne downstairs to a wonderful New Year.

London: South Place Hotel

South Place Hotel London

Okay, we’ll admit it: we love boutique hotels in unexpected places. South Place Hotel is not only one of the very few hotels located within the City of London but has also shattered the stodgy image most people have of the oft-draft financial district. If there’s nothing going on here, surely the world is coming to an end. Imagining NYE here is stupendously easy with the Michelin-starred restaurant Angler and the smattering of bars and lounges around (but especially if you’ve got Suite 610 with its fabled glass bath). Give it a go and tell us all about it!

Paris: Hotel Fabric

Hotel Fabric lobby

Lively, reborn Oberkampf is the perfect home for Hotel Fabric. There’s an energetic, youthful vibe that resonates throughout the space that’s sure to invigorate you to traipse through lovely Paris on your way to see…whatever, honestly,  because it’s all so lovely. Take the concierge’s advice; this hotel in particular is a fantastic resource for the adventurous-minded traveler that’s out to find their special place in Paris for NYE 2015.

Miami: Gale South Beach

Gale South Beach Regent Cocktail Lounge

Miami’s party image is running stronger than ever–but the Gale South Beach is part of the new trend to bring classy back to the Beach. Even if you don’t get a chance to stay here (but you should try very hard; it’s so lovely), stop into the Regent Cocktail Club for elegant digs and a delicious cocktail. For a little more liveliness, head downstairs to the basement club (rare here as it’s so close to the ocean!) Rec Room where you’ll find a DJ instead of, say, a classical guitarist. Don’t miss the rooftop pool area—Miami in winter is stunning and so is the people-watching.

Berlin: The Weinmeister

The Weinmeister entrance

The Weinmeister Berlin has always been a a place to go for a party. Between its stellar location in Berlin’s most lively district at any hour (Mitte) and its own in-demand nightlife spaces you’re practically the life of the party already. If you haven’t already made plans to go out somewhere else, stay put at Schwarz Bar or keep an ear to the ground for events going on at the rooftop (where as a guest you’re automatically on the guest list!). But what we love is how the Weinmeister complements the over-the-top feeling of NYE with its standard room design; just take one look at those enormous sleigh beds and you’ll properly understand what we mean.


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