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General questions

  • What's a boutique hotel?

    A boutique hotel is a consciously designed, intimate hotel with an extraordinary story to tell. Boutique hotels are generally small (less than 100 rooms), but size is definitely not the only determining factor; most importantly, boutique hotels need to feel intimate. Design is also of utmost importance: interiors and common areas should be consciously designed in a way as to foster intimacy and interaction between guests, staff and owners. Lastly, boutique hotels should have great stories to tell. In our collection, we've identified the seven most relevant experiences for our guests---arts, cool, gourmet, luxe, party, romance, and sexy.

  • How do we select the hotels in our collection?

    We chose our hotels based on our own definition of what a boutique hotel is (see above). We see boutique hotels as reflections of the communities they're in and try really hard to capture that in our selection process by visiting and investigating every hotel, talking with owners, GMs, guests, locals, tastemakers… you name it.

    As a result, we end up with hotels that are deeply ingrained in their communities and can provide you with that one-of-a-kind experience we all crave when travelling. Most often than not, these are the hotels where you'll find the GM who still does it for the love of hospitality, the staff member who's been there since day one, or the owner who still insists on personally driving you to the airport.

    You can also be a part of the selection process. If you think a hotel you know deserves to be included in our collection, please let us know here!

  • What is the Boutique Spirit™?

    The Boutique Spirit™ is an intricate amalgamation of feelings, but can be best described as the drive to inspire, to be independent, to long for something different, to challenge the status quo, to be real, to be daring, to seek meaningful and deeper connections, to stand out, to break away from the ordinary, to dream, to believe you can, to be aware, to be proactive, to be hospitable, to truly care and respect, to be open to the new, to aim higher, to never stop trying, to let your true voice come out.

    We live this spirit every day and make sure the hotels in our collection inspire and live by this assortment of feelings too. Easier said than done, but isn't that what makes boutique hotels truly stand out?

  • Why are you only offering hotels in a few cities?

    Our selection process is pretty time-consuming—we prefer to take our time to introduce you to only true boutique hotels. We're busy working to get more cities up in the very near future! Here are a few that are on their way:

    • Amsterdam
    • Athens
    • Bali
    • Barcelona
    • Berlin
    • Brussels
    • Buenos Aires
    • Hong Kong
    • London
    • Los Angeles
    • Madrid
    • New York
    • Rio de Janeiro
    • Rome
    • San Francisco
    • Shanghai
    • Sydney
    • Tokyo
    • Toronto
  • I have a comment, question, or concern

    Good or bad, we'd love to hear what you have to say! If it's an urgent matter regarding a booking or potential booking, please give us a call at (866) 550-5005, click here for LiveChat, or send us an email at


  • When is my reservation confirmed?

    After completing the booking you will see a confirmation page on screen, and a copy will also be sent to you via email. Please check your email filter settings if you believe you haven't received the email. You may also want to print this and keep it for your own reference.

  • How can I manage/cancel my reservation?

    You can manage your reservation online by clicking on "Manage Bookings", located on the bottom left corner of our homepage, and then logging in with your email address and confirmation number. Once there, you will be able to view and/or cancel your reservation. If you want to change your reservation, you will have two options:

    • Make a new reservation online and then cancel your existing one. Make sure to check the cancellation policy of your current reservation to avoid any penalty fees.
    • Email us or give us a call and we'll change your reservation for you.
  • I can't find my reservation

    Make sure you're using the username (email address) you used to make the reservation. If you still can't find it, please email/start a chat session and we'll sort it out for you.

  • I have a group... Can I book with you?

    Absolutely. You can book up to two rooms without calling us directly, but for larger parties, give us a call at (866)-550-5005. Also, if more than two children will be staying in a room, please give us a call or send us an email via our contact form here.

  • What forms of payment can be used?

    Either a credit or debit card is required.

  • When is my credit card charged?

    BoutiqueHotels will charge your credit/debit card the full amount immediately after you book.

Rooms and Rates

  • What to do if there is no availability

    Our boutique hotels are fabulous and small, which means they tend to fill up quickly. If you don't find availability and are flexible with your dates, there's a good chance you'll be able to find other available dates. However, if that's not the case, then trying another boutique hotel is your best bet.

  • About booking with children

    Hotels in general have different policies when it comes to children; some may charge extra for a rollaway bed or a crib, but not all of them choose to display that in their rates. For this reason, we recommend that you email us with your dates and information about your children so we can sort it out for you.

  • Are taxes included in the rates?

    Yes, all taxes are already included in our rates. However, some additional fees may be charged depending on the hotel and/or destination, but we will always let you know before if that's the case.