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Arte Luise Kunsthotel

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The Experience

For the traveler who only reluctantly pulls away from the art museum, immerse yourself in an artist-residence-cum-hotel whose mission is to provoke thought through art that springs to life in its rooms. Welcome to Arte Luise Kunsthotel.

The Scene

Formerly an artist’s hotel and club, and virtually part of the Berlin Wall before that, Arte Luise Kunsthotel still drives East Berlin’s art scene. There’s loads of Mitte’s renowned galleries interspersed in the areas near the hotel, but make a beeline for Oranienburgerstrasse and Invalidenstrasse where you’ll find far above the average. The venerable Reichstag and the Brandenburger Tor are just across the Spree river; Museuminsel (Museum Island) is only a bit further. The Tiergarten is a quick jaunt away and just the thing for a jogging trek of Berlin.

The Concept

It has been said many times that spending a night in the Arte Luise Kunsthotel (which literally means “art hotel”) is like spending the night at a museum; we agree, but with one key change: this doubly-named “art” hotel encourages us to interact with our own private gallery in a way most museums don’t. Every single space in the hotel has been independently designed (and redesigned every few years) by artists of all kinds and skill levels. Their mission? Create an impartial, self-contained piece that inspires guests. Your mission? Enjoy everything and interact with your art---it’s a private showing just for you. Arte Luise Kunsthotel focuses far more on its unique design concept than its amenities to great effect, but they’ve got you covered for the basics and a little more. We were delighted by the brasserie downstairs (that expands onto the terrace in summer) that also houses the winery “Gebruder Habel” whose namesake was the vintner for Frederick the Great.

The Look

Each and every room has been thoughtfully transformed into a wonderland redolent of a whimsical museum. Expect to be inspired and to be delighted as you inspect your room for all the details the artist has chosen to include. Where the rooms run the gamut from airplanes to a dazzling array of colors to bananas painted on walls, you can count on the Philosopher’s Staircase to provide visual respite while directly challenging your mind. Professor Doctor Wilhelm Schmid personally selected quotations from his work that are meant to cause you to think about the art of life itself. (Don’t speak German? Neither do we---you can find translations on the ground floor.) Comfort isn’t neglected, but almost nothing in the rooms is standard to allow for complete artistic freedom and certain rooms do have shared facilities (make sure to check the room description or give us a call to make sure you’re getting the bathroom setup you need).

In Short

When you incorporate “art” into your name, you had best deliver some great art. When you add it a second time, you had best be serious. Arte Luise Kunsthotel intertwines the experience of a gallery but makes it accessible, beckoning its guests to give more than a passing glance to their surroundings.

- BoutiqueHotels.com Editors -

What Stands Out

  • 50 completely unique rooms designed (and redesigned) by artists every 2---5 years
  • Immersive “exhibits” that inspire guests
  • In-house restaurant that features the historic Gebruder Habel winery

Know Before You Go

  • The art is often very in-your-face and not for the faint of heart or for the traveler who would prefer a calm design
  • Some bathroom facilities are shared! Please make sure that you check the room description before you book or give us a call if you’re concerned you aren’t getting what you want.
  • There is a busy rail station nearby; light sleepers are encouraged to utilize the complimentary earplugs and keep the windows closed (they are double-glazed)


  • AccessibleAccessible
  • Free WifiFree Wifi
  • RestaurantRestaurant

About the Hotel

About the Hotel

Rooms: 48

Address: Luisenstraße 19, 10117 Berlin

Check-in/Check-out : 11 AM/3 PM


* Luisenstraße 19, Berlin 10117

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Editorial Reviews

Time Out
"...One of the city's most imaginative small hotels...a great place to stay..."
"...One of Berlin's most original boutique hotels..."

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