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Dean Street Townhouse

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  • AccessibleAccessible
  • BarBar
  • Free WifiFree Wifi
  • RestaurantRestaurant

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The Experience

Nothing if not deliciously cheeky, Dean Street Townhouse is the Soho House Group’s embodiment of Soho itself: irreverent yet stylish, classy yet more than a little naughty. Stay in for the night with London’s saucy media elite; you never know what you’ll see next.

The Scene

Soho’s checkered past has resulted in a saucy fusion of art and multiculturalism that perfectly suits the Dean Street Townhouse. Indeed, the Soho House Group’s namesake district is the only place this Soho House Group outpost would fit in so perfectly: it’s surrounded by bars, restaurants, and questionable entertainment. You’re not at all far from popular shopping areas like Oxford Circus or from London’s Theatreland in the West End (in fact, you’re in part of it). It’s a quick walk to four popular Tube stops that will whisk you anywhere you want to be in London.

The Concept

If you still think the Brits are all prim, proper, and more than a little bit repressed---think again. Sure, Dean Street Townhouse’s lobby and part of the dining room may look a bit like an older relative’s house, but that’s the beauty of the design: the Devil is in the details. As with all Soho House Group properties, the crowd is largely media-based but Dean Street provides a more grown-up (in so many ways) alternative to painfully hip Shoreditch House. A former home or haunt for artists from William Hogarth to Fred Astaire to Lucien Freud---the building has risen and fallen in notoriety and/or prestige along with Soho itself. Buzz here centers around the restaurant and bar (inside the restaurant, but you really can’t miss it) where British mainstays and guilty pleasures are served up from early morning until late at night. The cocktails alone are worth the visit.

The Look

Dean Street Townhouse celebrates both its virtue and vice side-by-side in its dining areas, pitting the Kitchen’s saucy red leather, contemporary British art so thickly covering the walls it looks like wallpaper, and an impressive bar against warm colors, comfy chairs, and unexpectedly titillating wallpaper (that is worth a second look---trust us). The design is beautifully British through and through. Bedrooms come in a wider range of sizes than most Soho House Group properties in London (from tiny to bigger) and channel the building’s Georgian heritage. Expect calming colors, restrained prints (if any), classic lighting, and Georgian architectural features. We’re particular fans of the Bigger bedrooms with elegant four-poster beds and whitewashed wood panels covering the walls, but even the Tiny class is absurdly comfortable, well-appointed, and feels modern.

In Short

The Dean Street Townhouse proves itself to be just as audacious as its neighborhood (and just as welcoming to all) in Georgian style. Come for the tops of British food but stay for the ambience redolent of stylish mischief embodied in the design.

- BoutiqueHotels.com Editors -

What Stands Out

  • Cheeky design elements (just look on the walls)
  • Fantastic all-day dining room stocked with British favorites
  • Art showcase in the restaurant and lounge area featuring contemporary British art

Know Before You Go

  • The room sizes indicated (tiny, small, medium, and bigger) aren’t a joke. Pack lightly or upgrade to a larger room if you have lots of luggage.
  • While children are welcome in the hotel, it would be best to leave them at home…the atmosphere is very adult.
  • Be aware that medium and bigger bedrooms have a soak bathtub next to the bed (but a closed-off toilet).


  • AccessibleAccessible
  • BarBar
  • Free WifiFree Wifi
  • RestaurantRestaurant

About the Hotel

Rooms: 39

Address: 69-71 Dean Street, London W1D 3SE

Check-in/Check-out: 3 PM/12 PM


* 69-71 Dean Street, London W1D 3SE

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Reviews for The Dean Street Townhouse

Editorial Reviews

Travel & Leisure
"... a haven of serenity and simple elegance in London?s bustling Soho district. .."
Telegraph UK
"...Neither superficially trendy nor boringly traditional, rooms are cool yet timeless...like the best sort of film, it is engaging, beautifully crafted and looks gorgeous... "

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