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The Experience

Nearly as well-kept a secret as its namesake author, Hazlitt’s quietly upholds luxurious standards of Georgian hospitality and décor (with modern conveniences, to be sure) in lively Soho. Travel seamlessly between the Old World and the New when you step through its doors back to 1718.

The Scene

Soho is known for a checkered past. Now a lively entertainment district of all sorts of repute, Soho’s location makes Hazlitt’s a worthy home base for exploring London’s perhaps most interesting neighborhood. Since you don’t have a restaurant in-house at the hotel, you’ll be pleased to know this area is home to a plethora of fine dining and hole-in-the-wall treasures, especially when it comes to eating diversely---Chinatown and loads of immigrant-run shops and restaurants call Soho home. Bars and other entertainment, nightlife, and of course shopping abound here where you’ll find an amusing juxtaposition of low-key and highbrow.

The Concept

The buildings now known as Hazlitt’s are much like Soho: they haven’t always been the most desirable of destinations (its eponymous namesake died here in 1830 in poverty), but now the area is the place to be. The artsy types who frequent Soho are also known to check in at Hazlitt’s; authors traditionally leave a signed copy of their work behind as a nod to Hazlitt, a master of prose often mentioned in the same breath as Orwell but sadly much less famous. Hazlitt’s has been seemingly locked in a beautiful mix of Georgian style and its current-day social status as a luxe and in-demand location. It’s chock full of authentic pieces and design---the floors creak with gorgeous age---but look closer and you’ll find modern touches that don’t disrupt the ambience unless you allow them to (picture a flatscreen hidden behind a piece on the wall).

The Look

Rarely have we seen a dedication like this to period design carried out so well. Not only are original features prized and featured, but the décor is nearly a spitting image of a decorator’s handbook from the era. Deep, rich colors are used with dark wood (especially for the beds which are either four-posters or 17th century carved oak). Sumptuous fabrics are utilized generously throughout the rooms and common areas and punctuated by oil paintings and busts and fantastically gilded mirrors. All this paired with warm lighting imbues the space with a stately, comfortable feel. Suites inspired by other famous tenants kick it up a notch with a private terrace and rooftop garden (Duke of Monmouth) or a late Victorian bathing machine in the bathroom (Baron Willoughby) in addition to the expected greater amount of space and larger bathrooms.

In Short

Hazlitt’s provides a rare glimpse into the past that’s luxurious by today’s standards and the standards of yore. Blending modern convenience with period grandeur is rarely done with such grace and is a true gem for anyone yearning for a luxe stay outside the norm.

- BoutiqueHotels.com Editors -

What Stands Out

  • Period grandeur and a tip of the hat to the not always grand history of the location
  • Signed books left by authors
  • Perfect blend of modern amenities in historic style

Know Before You Go

  • No in-room drink making facilities available
  • Breakfast is served in your room, but drinks in the evening can be taken in the library


  • Free WifiFree Wifi

About the Hotel

Rooms: 30

Address: 6 Frith Street, London W1D 3JA

Check-in/Check-out: 3 PM/12 PM


* 6 Frith Street, London W1D 3JA

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Reviews for The Hazlitt's

Editorial Reviews

Travel & Leisure
"...Hazlitt?s elegance and refined hospitality have made it a popular choice among celebrities, including Harry Potter creator J. K. Rowling and Anthony Bourdain... "
Telegraph UK
"...a beautiful boutique hotel with a plethora of period features...expect authenticity... "

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