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Honigmond Garden Hotel

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The Experience

Gardens everywhere delight, but it’s the rarity of a truly excellent garden in the urban landscape that captivates travelers so fully. Honigmond Garden Hotel puts just as much love and care into its spacious and secluded garden as it does in its enchanting rooms that whisk you away to a Berlin far removed from today.

The Scene

Honigmond Garden Hotel’s location in Mitte---but not in the tourist area---not only keeps it a conservatory of sorts but also places some of Berlin’s most natural-oriented museums virtually on your doorstep. At 5 Euros, the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin (Museum of Natural History) is an absolute steal. You can see several different dinosaur skeletons (our favorite is the Brachiosaurus brancai), the one million-strong “Wet Collection” (so-called because of the zoological samples being preserved in ethanol), and we haven’t even addressed the stellar Cosmos exhibit. The Invalidenpark is right next door with beautiful landscaping, and just a block further is a canal that leads to the River Spree. But since you probably want to go see more, you can either walk or hop on the trains and trams at Nordbahnhof, just adjacent to the hotel.

The Concept

As enchanting as the original Honigmond is, the Honigmond Garden Hotel surpasses it thanks to its delightful garden. The atmosphere seems somehow lighter at Honigmond Garden Hotel. The garden flows gently into the lobby with bright plants and flowers; go up the stairs outside and find yourself in an unexpected paradise of koi ponds, small bridges, and walks covered by greenery. There’s space aplenty for relaxing and enjoying the private views, especially when the weather is good. When it’s not, you can still take it in from your classically decorated room. The very name invokes honeymooning (as that’s the meaning of Honigmond), but we assure you that it’s simply a state of mind that’s very easy to slip into once you’re there (but be sure to tell the front desk if you are on your honeymoon---they would love to make it very special).

The Look

There’s definite Old World feel here that echoes its sister hotel around the corner; you’ll still find shimmering chandeliers and aged wooden floors. However, Honigmond Garden Hotel keeps the atmosphere as light on the inside as it is on the outside with gold and yellow walls, accenting the cozy bed, charming oil paintings, and gilded mirrors. The lobby eschews some of the heavier feel of the Honigmond for whitewashed wood, large windows, and exposed brick that feels organic but not unrefined. The (relatively) more subdued interior is balanced nicely by the verdant garden that’s nearly as large as the hotel itself.

In Short

The Honigmond Garden Hotel mixes enchanting scenery with just the right amount of historical charm. And whether for honeymoon or not, this place ticks all the boxes for a magical and romantic stay in grand Berlin.

- BoutiqueHotels.com Editors -

What Stands Out

  • Serene garden where you can literally wake up hearing birds singing in the morning
  • Resident cat who loves to sleep in flower pots
  • Near to several landmarks, tons of restaurants, and very close to a well-connected train station

Know Before You Go

  • Definitely request a room facing the garden; in addition to it being quieter, it’s simply more beautiful
  • The Internet is a little slow but adequate if you’re not using it for business
  • Tea and coffee facilities are no offered in the room but in a small honor bar downstairs


  • AccessibleAccessible
  • Free WifiFree Wifi

About the Hotel

Rooms: 20

Address: Invalidenstraße 122, 10115 Berlin

Check-in/Check-out: 3 PM/11 AM


* Invalidenstraße 122, Berlin 10115

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Reviews for The Honigmond Garden Hotel

Editorial Reviews

"...These two hotels are charming, quaint oases only a few steps away from the buzzing neighborhoods of Mitte...a small restaurant in the main hotel hearkens back to its proud history as a meeting point for political opponents of the East German regime...The Garden Hotel (set in a house that dates to 1845) is grouped around a surprisingly green courtyard, and it offers a quiet getaway..."
The Guardian
"...With the romantische vibe at Hotel Honigmond's two locations ? set a few hundred meters apart ? you won't be surprised to find amorous couples and newlyweds aplenty...the elegant rooms condense the palatial luxury of an English stately home into an economical space fit for two..."

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