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Michelberger Hotel

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  • AccessibleAccessible
  • BarBar
  • Free WifiFree Wifi
  • Pet friendlyPet friendly
  • RestaurantRestaurant

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The Experience

Some hotels say they treat you like family or that they’re a home away from home, but in the case of the Michelberger this couldn’t be any truer. More of a gathering spot than a traditional hotel, the Michelberger invites one and all to its factory-forged halls for a quintessential Berlin experience.

The Scene

Michelberger Hotel is a perfect fit for zealously arty Friedrichshain. For sociable art lovers and admirers, you couldn’t be better situated; the East Side Gallery (a 1.3 kilometer stretch of the Berlin wall covered in murals) is a 5 minute walk away, plus it slides right in with the cool nightlife, featuring its own concerts regularly, and with the fiercely independent style that defines the neighborhood. Friedrichshain maintains a strong sense of community among its denizens---perhaps because there is no other place quite like it.

The Concept

Michelberger Hotel doesn’t feel like a hotel in the best way. It’s more like a constantly rotating scene of friendly locals and travelers who come together for a drink or dinner, listen to music, trade ideas of all kinds, and maybe stay out until unmentionable hours of the morning and then propose coffee. It’s perfect if you crave a bustling common area but treasure a private retreat. Owner Tom always wanted a place where all of his friends could congregate, so he found the perfect place in Friedrichshain and let his (and their) dreams loose in an empty factory. Live music frequently spills out from the bar/lobby and into the courtyard, which transforms from a biergarten to a Christmas market. Animated discussions occur daily in the lobby where you’ll also first meet your hosts at a delightful round table---as friends, not customers. It’s more or less the quintessential Berlin you were secretly afraid you wouldn’t find.

The Look

Deciding that a warehouse is pretty much the coolest building ever, the Michelberger uses the gritty unfinished feel as a starting point for natural connections. No room or space feels quite done but is more like the open conversation that the hotel truly is. On the whole, rooms feel lived-in as though part of a house (but very clean) and mirror the organic and unrefined look in their design. Rooms range in size from “pretty much one big bed with a…shower…and TV” (from the hotel itself) to “elevated” rooms with netted loft spaces (so you don’t roll off the bed, of course) with room enough for a family (of 6 or so). There are several themed rooms that you have to experience; one is a veritable library (no, really---the walls are made of books) and another is decked out in gold.

In Short

The Michelberger Hotel embodies the tremendously creative and youthful vibe that permeates Berlin. It encourages making new friends, reconnecting with old ones, and reminding you that not all hotels are solitary places to hide away in.

- BoutiqueHotels.com Editors -

What Stands Out

  • Lively creative scene and near-daily live shows
  • The Big Lebowski playing on repeat in the hallways
  • Vegan and vegetarian-friendly meals at the in-house restaurant
  • 24 hour reception

Know Before You Go

  • There is no air conditioning in the rooms (it's rarely needed), so light sleepers who may prefer to sleep with windows open are encouraged to bring earplugs (or seek an alternate hotel). Courtyard-facing rooms are quieter than street-facing rooms.
  • While there is no dedicated full-service spa, excellent massages are offered on-site
  • The shower verges on voyeur with its peekaboo window, but it’s easily covered up if need be
  • The restaurant is only open Friday and Saturday but it’s well worth going to when it’s open (breakfast is served every day)


  • AccessibleAccessible
  • BarBar
  • Free WifiFree Wifi
  • Pet friendlyPet friendly
  • RestaurantRestaurant

About the Hotel

Rooms: 113

Address: Warschauer Straße 39/40, 10243 Berlin

Check-in/Check-out: 3 PM/12 PM


* Warschauer Straße 39/40, Berlin 10243

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Reviews for The Michelberger Hotel

Editorial Reviews

Condé Nast Traveler
"...International in flavour, with youthful staff from several continents, and a sociable atmosphere in the laidback lounge and bar... the ideal base from which to sample Berlin's legendary counter-culture, in a place that's the epitome of industrial chic..."
The Guardian
"...An inspiring example of an entrepreneur who has drawn on the talent and enthusiasm of people around him to realise a dream..."

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