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This is the real magic city: a tropical melting pot where the East Coast vibe collides with Latin and Caribbean flavors in an explosion of life, sound and flavor.

Miami Beach

White Sand Beaches, White Hot Nights

Less is definitely not more in Miami Beach—unless you’re talking about clothes, that is. Most everything else comes in excesses: scorching hot beaches, uber-fast cars, ultra-VIP clubs and long days that turn into even longer nights. It’s not all about that, however. An eclectic mix of residents, a newfound love for the arts and an anything-goes attitude also makethe beach(as it’s locally known) a vibrant hub of creative energy, particularly in architecture, music and visual arts. As Miami’s star destination and non-stop playground, Miami Beach (South, Mid and North) continues to lure people from all over the world seeking to experience its warmth, savor its flavors and indulge in its decadence.

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Miami Beach 05

Downtown/ Brickell

Sparkly High-Rises and Plenty of Entertainment

Downtown/Brickell has had a comeback in the past few years as Miami’s new entertainment destination, attracting an urban and yuppie crowd-– many of whom choose to take up residence in the ever-increasing number of sparkly high-rises being built. Littered with banks and other business offices, and home to landmarks like the Miami Heat Arena and Bicentennial Park, Downtown/Brickell is not only a favorite with the locals but also in-the-know travelers.

Downtown/Brickell 01
Downtown/Brickell 02
Downtown/Brickell 03
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Wynwood/ Design District

Up-and-Coming Arts and Creative Hub

The Wynwood/Design District story is a recent one. Less than a decade ago, what is now home to one of the most innovative areas of town was nothing but old warehouses and forgotten storefronts. The influx of young, creative people has turned Wynwood and the Design District into a colorful and vibrant neighborhood, home to one of the world’s largest street art installations, trendy boutiques, cutting-edge cuisine and a growing startup scene. Over 70 art galleries now populate the area along with design shops and numerous bars and nightclubs. All of this mixes together harmoniously to create an energetic, forward-thinking and expressive community that will perhaps one day drive the future of Miami.

Wynwood/Design District 01
Wynwood/Design District 02
Wynwood/Design District 03
Wynwood/Design District 04
Wynwood/Design District 05